(en) More radio stations raided in Uruguay
From "Chris R" <christopher@nodo50.org>
Date Mon, 26 Aug 2002 12:06:04 -0400 (EDT)


A finger of blame is pointed against any person or organisation with a
critical mindframe, that is indignant against the monstrous injustice in
force, or who denounces the sacking and bleeding of the entire country, or
who denounces the utter misery that is reigning throughout the country. The
mass media is criminalising any true critics. They are sowing ideological
On August 13th the Ateneos of El Cerro and Las Acacias, together with the
community radio stations De La Villa, La Esquina and Germinal, called a
meeting of combative and militant social and syndical organisations. It was
attended by Plenaria Memoria y Justicia, Taxidrivers Union, Tendencia
Clasista y Combativa, Lista Gerardo Gatito of the Printers Union, Primary
School Teachers Union, Secondary School Teachers Union, The Barter Club,
Psychology Students Union, Niboplast (Workers Cooperative of Plastic
Products), UTAA (Sugar Plantation Workers Union in the district of Artigas),
the following five community radio station: Ateneo de las Acacias, Ateneo
del Cerro, La Esquina FM, Germinal FM, De la Villa FM; Committee of families
of prisoners. A member of the Rubbish Recyclers Cooperative of Brazil
attended as part of a fraternal delegation.
From the meeting a new network of groups and associations calling itself
Espacio de Solidaridad y Apoyo Mutuo (ESAM or Area for Solidarity and
Mutual Aid) has arisen, with the goal of facilitating and coordinating resistance.
The Community Radio Stations are still being accused of fomenting the
sacking of supermarkets by the hungry of Uruguay. Recently (16th August),
Germinal, the radio station run by the Federacion Anarquista Uruguaya (FAU)
was raided. This radio station is active in the Colón neighbourhood of
Montevideo, one of the more combative areas. The members of the FAU were
only able, at the time, to salvage the antenna, although most of the sound
system had previously been hidden elsewhere. Two days later they were able
to start broadcasting again from another part of Colón.
La Voz (The Voice), another community radio station, run by a
libertarian-minded independent group, was also raided on the same day. For
the moment, they appear to have gone underground.
The community radio station of the FAU in the Ateneo in the Cerro
neighbourhood is under surveillance. It might be targeted to be closed down.
No matter what the situation is, the FAU is determined to carry on with
these radio stations. Despite the pressure of the moment, the FAU considers
that as an organisation, it is somewhat in a better state of affairs than
One of the first activities of Espacio de Resistencia y Apoyo Mutuo has been
producing a leaflet denouncing the closing down of these two community radio
stations: this can be downloaded in Spanish in PDF format at
Arriba los que luchan!

Email for FAU: radowisky1@yahoo.com

Translated and edited by Red Libertaria Apoyo Mutuo