Douzième jour du procès à Aix-la-chapelle, 6 mai 05

12th day of trial, 6th of may 2005

The trial did not start at 08.30h, because one of the "SchöffInnen" (assistents of the judge) had a car accident and arrived one hour too late.
Jose entered the courtroom and greeted the audience -more than 10 people showed up even though the hearing would be so short- as usually with a handkiss and started immediatly a conversation via shouting. His mother was present as well and they exchanged some sentences. Gabriel still sat on his place in underwear and he as well talked immediately with his sister and with a Spanish friend from the prison support group SALHAKETA, who came to talk about FIES in court (which was refused). The police did not interrupt these talks.
At 09.30h the judges appeared and a 09.45h they were already gone..... and the hearing finished.

Only some pictures of the second man suspected for the bankrobbery in Karlsruhe were looked at and a morphological examination was considered.

Than judge Nohl announced that this suspect will have to talk in court the 30th of may and the 7th of june there will be the man from the bank as witness who didnt follow his first invitation. Then he closed the hearing.
So that probably means that the trial will still continue till august, cause there are only two dates left in may and june and apart from that just formal days.

As they left the court, the Spanish friend & the Mummy of Jose could kiss and hug Gabriel and Jose even though there was a police line.

The next date is the 30th of may 05 at 08.30h. Still theres three times more police than supporters so you are needed; the three are happy to see everything else than police faces.