Quinzième jour du procès à Aix-la-chapelle, 6 juillet 05

15th day of trial in Aachen, 06.07.2005

The 15. day of trial against Jose, Bart, Gabriel and Begonia began at 10:00. Gabriel was wearing his shorts only again ’cos nothing changed regarding the security measures. Judge Nohl indoctrinated the audience that it’s not allowed to leave the space for the audience to advance the accused persons. Because it happened two times before, next time it will be punished with a fine.

During the 14. day of trial an expert opinion from spain was brought in that was dealing with the gunshot wound Jose received in 1981 in a conflict with a cop. That expert opinion had been translated in the meantime and the evaluator Mrs. Mörth (psychologist) was ordered to check Jose for post traumatic and bodily harm that could have any impact on the deeds in june last year. The expert opinion reported about the state Jose was brought in to the surgical emergency room in Zaragoza on 28.03.1981 and which surgeries had to be done. Jose suffered from three gunshot wounds, one in the back, one below the heart and one shot hit him at the far right part of his neck - that bullet hurted the abdomen and came out of his body below the chin again. Mrs. Mörth said the scars match up with wounds the opinion reports about, so there’s no reason to question it. She spoke with Jose when "his" interpreter was present and did check him, too. She described what is meant with a traumatic experience and that Joses state can be described as that. But post traumatic disorders she could neither find during the conversation with Jose nor in court. She said that when Jose was speaking about the experiences with the spanish police he was moved, but she can’t see evidences of a post traumata cos no disturbance of memory occured. During the depiction of the firing in the trial Jose didn’t behave abnormal, he was speaking to has lawyer, ate and did even yawn. In addition to that Jose had no manner of avoidance after the firing in 1981 what his lifestyle testified about. All things considered there are no hints for a post traumatic disorder and bodily Jose is doing well, too.

No questions where aimed at the evaluator whereupon another expert opinion was read out which was done by the chief of the government council Milles on 23.06.2004. It was dealing with the check for traces of powder on the hands of Jose, Gabriel, Bart and Begonia. First it was said that the amount of traces of powder is connected with the make of the gun and that after only 30 minutes of desk work for instance only half of the traces of powder are still traceable and after washing ones hand nothing at all anymore. Very few traces of powder could be traced at Gabriels and Joses right hand and on Begonias left hand. That means it can’t be said for sure that this person fired a gun, but it can’t be negated for sure, too. At Barts hands nothing was found at all.

After the end of the day of trial a barrier of cops set up in front of the audience so nobody could evade the indoctrination of the beginning. But calls out to eachother where exchanged and that was good !

A short day in court, but still it was good to see the prisoners and show them that they are not alone. On friday, July, 08. at 15:00 it goes on in room 339 of the Aachener Landgericht.