Seizième jour du procès à Aix-la-chapelle, 8 juillet 05

16. day of trial in Aachen, 08.07.2005

Todays day of trial began uncommonly at 15:00. But was over after only 20 minutes again. Gabriel still takes the seat in shorts only. In the supporters corner only 4 persons took a seat, but shouts were still made. What was done was the read out of an expert opinion by Mrs. Dr. Witter-Backofen that dealt with the morphological analyses of the already heard suspect of the bank hold-up in Karlsruhe. The photos of the suspect were compared with the records of the surveillance camera. Because of the bad quality of the records of the surveillance camera it was said in the beginning that this will result in a restriction of the evaluation and the meaning of comparison. The analyses of the hairline, the nose, the cheeks, the mouth and the chin didn`t result in a clear exclusion of the suspect. But with a very low validity. The forehead couldn`t be analysed cos of the cap, same for the skin cos the quality of the video was so bad. The facial structure and the eyes gave a quite sure hint for exclusion of the suspicion. Concerning the ear enough deviation could be detected for an exclusion. Concluding it can be said that the analyses results in a quite sure exclusion of suspicion. Further it was said that the expert opinion can`t relate to Jose Delgado cos every expert opinion can only relate to the checked person.

That was the end of the trial today. The next date will be 01.08.2005 at 10:00. There were some shouts through the silence of todays day in court until the three disappeared through the door again. It seems like the theatre will last for entire august. So we gotta remain patient. For the three of them it it`s quite good to see more than dozen of cops for sure. And there is still plenty of room.