Vingtième jour du procès à Aix-la-chapelle, 25 août 05

20th day of trial against Bart, Jose, Gabriel and Begonia

After the defendants were brought to the court room accompanied by applause of the audience judge Nohl did open todays day of trial. In the beginning a statement was made about the preliminary results of interviewing the residents. Having seen the records for the first time only 30 minutes before Nohl did open the 20th day of trial lawyer Lindemann declared 56 questionnaires were not sent back yet and he appeals for waiting until all questionnaires came in. Further it was demanded to hear another witness whose mother, that passed away in the meantime, might be the person who has seen the change of cars used for escape. Additionally lawyer Israel pointed the faulty and delusive formulation of the questionnaires out. After that judge Nohl asked Begonia Pombo da Silva who appeared today in bath robe and bikini only if she accepts Mr. Schaefer as her new lawyer. She replied that she doesn’t know a Mr. Schaefer.

After the judges retreated for consultation judge Nohl points out that applause and showing displeasure by the supporters during the pleading is forbidden and will be punished with a fine or jail (up to 7 days).

After that the trial goes on with an application by lawyer Lindemann where he demands to hear the before mentioned witness and another witness. Prosecutor Geimer rejects the application just as expectated. A statement by defense could not be made anymore since judge Nohl left the court despite repeated tries by the defense to be allowed to speak. After the trial went on again lawyer Poell made a statement where he pointed out the judges left the court room without waiting for the defense to make any comments. Lawyer Israel joined that statement and then lawyer Lindemann declared Bart refuses judge Nohl ’cos partiality. The lawyers of Gabriel and José joined this. After a break lawyer Poell read an application for partiality that prosecutor Geimer rejects as well ’cos allegedly there are no reasons for such an application. During the next break José is the only who has to leave the court room with the explanation he talked to the supporters. When Gabriel is not willing to allow this and protests he should leave the court room as well. The supporters react on this with shouts. Gabriel refuses to leave, lies down on the table and asks for help via a microphone. After that José is brought back (under applause by the supporters) so the trial can go on. Judge Nohl iniates to put on record that applause came from the left side of the audience behind the barrier and prosecutor Geimer applies for throwing them out ’cos they did threaten and insult an officer. Some persons in audience should have shouted at an officer if he didn’t have a good fuck yesterday. Lawyers Poell and Lindeman declared there were no insults by the audience and asked to prosecutor to remain factual. Lawyer Lindemann further spoke about a trial from the early 90s when Geimer did what he always accusates the defense with : delaying the proceedings.

After short consultation judge Nohl expels the supporters from the court room and requests the concerned persons to leave. When they refuse to do so they were thrown out by massive force (partly with beatings). Shortly after that new supporters arrived and they were allowed to enter the court room. In front of the court room the supporters laying on the floor were banned from the house by the president of the regional court of Aachen. The supporters were asked to leave the building voluntary. When no one wanted to do so a police force arrived and the supporters were again threatend to be thrown out by force. So they stood up and left the building. In the meantime the trial went on inside and another application for partiality was made by Josés lawyer. After that Begonia did read a statement where she declares she is without defense since the last day of trial and demands to allow her the appertain advocate. Because she didn’t make the application properly the court didn’t allow her this. Lawyer Poell pointed out that she isn’t a lawyer and therefore she hasn’t the required knowledge to do the application in a proper way. Judge Nohl accepted the application then and the trial was closed for today.

Next day of trial will be on 5th of september, again in room 339 of the Landgericht Aachen. Then the ban on leaving the house will be nullified and the supporters will be allowed to witness the spectacle again